Sunday, November 29, 2015

3-D Cities, Texture, Watercolors, and Native Australian Art

From L-R starting at the top: 3-D Cities, Texture Owls, Watercolor Paintings of plants, and watercolor practice sheet 
Native Australian X-Ray art

At Birch Meadow School and Wood End school, 1st, 4th and 3rd graders have been producing a number of works of art.  

1st graders at both schools are currently learning about the art element of texture.  Students learned that texture is the way something feels or the way that it looks like it feels. 1st graders looked at and described different textures.  They created owl drawings and filled the owls with torn construction paper to show implied texture of feathers.  

3rd graders at Birch Meadow have been finishing up a lesson on using warm and cool colors against each other in a painting or drawing. Students learned that when using warm colors and cool colors against each other in a painting or drawing, warm colors appear to advance and cool colors appear to recede.   They created city drawings that show the illusion of 3-D and used warm and cool colors to show advancement and receding in their picture.  

4th graders at Birch Meadow and Wood End learned how to use different watercolor techniques to paint in the style of New Zealand artist Raewyn Harris.  They practiced different techniques and applied them to their paintings.

4th graders at Wood End just began another project based on Native Australian X-Ray art.  students worked in the style of the indigenous people of Australia creating artwork in the style of their "dreaming" paintings.  This lesson was based on an adaption in the book "Culture Smart!" by Susan Rodriguez

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