Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hello out there in blogging land! It has been a while since I have dropped by this site! I've been posting more with social media as many of the parents in my district are more aware of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.  When I do post new projects, I am most likely to post to my Facebook page.  Feel free to drop by and "like" my page!  Click on "Mrs. Erb's Art Page Facebook" to link. 

So here are a few things we have been doing in Reading, MA at my two schools.  I'll list by grade and have some photos. 

Grade 1: We have worked on Primary and Secondary colors,  Pinch Pots, Pattern Cats, & self portraits
Grade 2: has made wampum belts, sand paintings, coil pots, Jim Dine Hearts, & line drawings
Grade 3: Picasso Guitars, Pop Art Fish, Colonial trade signs Quilled paper snowflakes, & Tint, Shade and Tone landscapes
Grade 4: Koru Spiral Plant paintings, Quilled paper snowflakes, Australian X-Ray Drawings, and a 3-D drawing unit.
Grade 5: Worked on gesture drawings and sculptures in the style of  Alberto Giacometti, Quilled paper snowflakes, and one-point perspective shapes and landscapes.

Here are a few images: 

Sand Paintings
Pop art fish

One Point Perspective Landscapes

Tint Shade Tone Landscape
Tint Shade Tone Landscape

Pattern Cats