Saturday, November 2, 2013


Second graders studied artist Alexander Calder in art and their science class. In science, they learned about weight and balance. Alexander Calder was the creator of sculptural mobiles. They were perfectly weighted and balanced.  The moblies often had moving parts. Moving sculpture is called kinetic sculpture. In their classroom, 2nd graders created balanced mobiles. 

In art class, we spoke more about Calder's art work. We looked at some mobile examples and other works like his wooden push and pull toys and his wire circus. We even viewed a video of Alexander Calder performing his circus. 

Later in his career, Calder created Monumental sculptures. He called them Stabiles. In art class, we looked at the sculptures and talked about the differences between stabiles and mobiles. We concluded that stabiles are large scale and do not move and mobiles are smaller and move. 

We created our own versions of stabiles using paper strips. Here are some examples of second graders hard at work: 

Line variety and color mixing

First graders are continuing their study of the art element of line. 2 classes ago, we created paintings of different types of lines using black paint. 

We already know about vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines and created primary color line paintings using these lines in the style of artist Piet Mondrian. 

In these painting we used all types of different lines and painted them using black paint. We had also learned about primary and secondary colors and used them in our paintings. Children were instructed in painting and color mixing and using our tools properly as well. 

Here are some examples. I will post more when our paintings are finished!