Monday, September 30, 2013

Monet's Garden

1st graders at Birch Meadow and Wood End studied artist Claude Monet.  We began by viewing the video, "Linnea in Monet's Garden" based on the book by Christina Bjork (author) and Lena Anderson (illustrator).

We talked about impressionism and how Monet's paintings looked like blobs of paint close up but then when stepping back, they looked a little more realistic.  The lesson I used for this project was adapted from the following blog: Mrs. Picasso's Art Room.

Students followed along with a painting lesson as a group int he first class.  The second class, I told them they needed to add a fence, lily pads and flowers, garden flowers, and a garden path.  Some students added Monet's garden bench (as seen in the video) and Monet himself! Some changed the way they added flowers, some students made sunrises or sunsets.  All in all I think this was a successful painting lesson.  The kids really enjoyed it and retained a lot of information about the artist!   Here are some photos:

Middle Eastern Art

Grade 5 students at WES and BMS have studied Middle Eastern artwork. We took a look at the three common motifs in this type of art which are calligraphy, arabesques, and geometric shape in architecture.
We noticed when we looked at the three different motifs, all of the images connected to each other to create a design. The geometric shapes created tessellations, the calligraphy and the arabesques look like line designs. So we took this idea and we created a name design.

We started with a 12x12 piece of drawing paper and folded it to create a triangle. We folded it two more times after that so that when we opened our work we had 8 triangles on our 12 x 12 sheet.

In one of the triangles, we wrote our name using bubble letters (you can see that in the photo below). Letters should touch the top edge and bottom edge of the triangle. This will benefit us in the end because we want our letters to look like they connect to each other when we copy them. Once we have our name placed and fitted in our triangle, we used carbon paper to copy our name in the remaining triangles. When adding color, we used Mr. Sketch (unscented, of course!) markers, Crayola Bold and Tropical markers and colored starting from the enter and working our way outwards in a circle. We are treating our work as if it were a design. We are not looking at our work and coloring individual letters a different color and then coloring the background. This was a hard concept to grasp but we eventually figured it out with a lot of demonstrating and help from me! When finished, we have a design that shows radial and mirror symmetry, and that is inspired by Middle Eastern artwork and the 3 motifs we had discussed in the beginning of our lesson.  More photos to come of completed work!

Clockwise from the top center photo: Students working, example of lettering and use of carbon paper,
finished copy work, students adding color. 

Mirror and Radial Symmetry

My third grade students at both Birch Meadow and Wood End are reviewing symmetry in art.  We talked about mirror symmetry being the smae thing on both sides (only reversed), and we discussed Radial symmetry.  Radial symmetry means symmetry around a central axis...or in kid terms, symmetry that goes around in a circle. 
We discussed this in class and once we all were sure what the two meant, then we were able to start our project.  We are creating symmetrical designs on paper.  Each student's work must show both types of symmetry.  Here are some examples (I used the picstitch app on iphone to create the photo collage):

We will continue this throught the week.  When We are finished, I'll post more photos.  Be sure to check some out on Facebook as well. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

Its been a long time since I've last blogged about Birch Meadow and Wood End Schools art classes!
Welcome back after a restful, yet busy summer.  This new school year I am starting with a few different things.  Through the art teacher blog SmArt Class, I have adapted the self-portrait mural project.  View the site click on this link.  Each class in grade 1 through five will do this.  I am only doing this project at Wood End.  Only because I have not yet seen any of my classes at Birch Meadow.  I like to keep the children all caught up at the same pace at each school, so by the time I see all of my students, they will all be working on the same projects. 

Second graders at Wood End have started a line design project.  I call it Vertical/Horizontal.  Below is an example done by yours truly.  Birch Meadow students will start this as well.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 will beging making sketchbooks at both schools and grade 1 will beging their studies about the basic elements of art.  That's what I have in store for us so far.  Check back often for pictures and updates! 
Mrs. Erb's Example