Friday, October 25, 2013

Lines and Primary Colors

First grade students are learning about the art element of line.  In this lesson we focused on learning the names of three straight lines; Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal lines. 

We said that vertical lines stand straight up like a soldier.  Horizontal lines look like they are laying down and taking a nap.  Lastly, we described a diagonal line as looking like it is about to fall over. 

For our lesson, we created three paintings.  In the first paining, we painted only horizontal and vertical lines. In the second painting, we only painted diagonal lines.  In the third painting, we painted all three lines.  We used 8x8 inch paper and I cut small cardboard squares so that the kids can stamp the lines on their paper.  That way, it would ensure the kids were making their lines straight.  Also, stamping is great motor skill practice!  When the paintings were dry, we learned about the Primary colors.  We then added the primary colors using crayons to color in our work. 

Here are some examples of the work. 




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