Monday, September 30, 2013

Mirror and Radial Symmetry

My third grade students at both Birch Meadow and Wood End are reviewing symmetry in art.  We talked about mirror symmetry being the smae thing on both sides (only reversed), and we discussed Radial symmetry.  Radial symmetry means symmetry around a central axis...or in kid terms, symmetry that goes around in a circle. 
We discussed this in class and once we all were sure what the two meant, then we were able to start our project.  We are creating symmetrical designs on paper.  Each student's work must show both types of symmetry.  Here are some examples (I used the picstitch app on iphone to create the photo collage):

We will continue this throught the week.  When We are finished, I'll post more photos.  Be sure to check some out on Facebook as well. 

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