Thursday, May 23, 2013

Negative/Positive Space Block Letter Name Designs

Too often in art class we focus on positive space and never the negative space.  What is positive and negative space you ask?

Space and shape, two of the elements of art, work together to form a finished work of art. There are two kinds of space: positive and negative. Positive spaces are those occupied by the main subjects of the work or the actual subject itself. The Negative spaces are the areas around and behind the positive spaces. Negative space can also be referred to as the background.

Fifth graders at Wood End studied positive and negative space and created a block letter name design.  We folded our 12x18 paper so that it turned into a grid of 6 rectangles x4 rectangles.  In each of the rectangles, we formed a block letter lightly in pencil.  The letters had to touch all of the edges of the rectangle.  We then took oil pastel and drew designs in the negative space (spaces around letters) only.  This was difficult because many of the students wanted to fill in the positive space (the letter).  Once we finished with the oil pastel, we used watercolor to paint in the positive space. 

Student working on oil pastel
Student in the middle of painting

completed work by Somil S.

Completed work by Jennifer H.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Georgia O'Keeffe

Second graders at WES and BMS are learning about artist Georgia O'Keeffe.  O'Keeffe is well known for her magnified paintings of flowers, and her New Mexico desert paintings.  To see a preview of students working, click on the link below:

Grade 2 painting

Here are some phots of completed projects:

By Darren R. 

By Hayden C.