Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Draw Time

Sometimes when children finish early and there are only a few minutes left of art class, I give students the opportunity to "Free Draw".  Students can get very creative, use their imagination and draw, or sometimes it back fires and students have no idea what to do so they need a little guidance like a sketchbook assignment or some creative play.  Often times, I give those students Kinex, magnetic mosaic puzzles, or straws and connectors to build things. 

Most students have no problem just drawing.  They can come up with amazing things.  One of my second graders had some free time and was drawing and this is what she came up with: 

She told me it was a picture of the view of the sun room in her house.  She said she was also working on a drawing of the same thing at home, but this one is from memory. Pretty cool, huh?

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