Friday, February 8, 2013

Pueblo Coil Pottery

Second graders at Wood End are studying Native American culture.  I have done a few projects with the students that highlight each region they have studied or are studying, but this one takes the cake and has been my favorite.  We looked at Pueblo (Southwest tribes) coil pottery and looked at the different styles.  We also looked at Maria Martinez who was one of the most well known Pueblo potters.  Then we started to build our pots.  The first thing we did was create a base for our pots.  Then, the nest class I taught students how to make coils.  The third class, I showed students how to add coil design in their work.  So far we are in the middle of this project, but I will update as soon as projects are completed! Here are a couple of samples of work.....

By Jessica

By Cole

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