Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grade 5 Slab Castles

Work by (from L to R): Nakeya, Michael, Chloe, Jenn, Julia, and Katie

Fifth Graders at Wood End created slab castles.  I adapted this lesson from the book, Dynamic Art Projects for Children, by Denise M. Logan.  The book is available on Amazon. 

I had the children discuss what a slab of clay was.  We determined that it was a flat piece of clay.  We then made our slabs and cut out the castle shape from a template my trusty volunteer drew (thanks Mr. M.!). 

The next class we added details like the battlements (the square shapes at the tops of the walls).  And we rolled them onto a paper towel tube to hold its shape.  We then cut out windows and added details like bricks or stones. 

After we let them dry, we glazed our castles. I let the students choose what colors they wanted to glaze their work.  We went over the glaze colors and students began to paint. We used 2-3 coats of glaze to maximise color and to guarantee coverage.  They turned out great! 


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