Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Expressionist Landscapes

Third graders at WES have begun their Landscape unit in Art.  We learned about the parts of a landscape (foreground, middlegroud, and background and horizon line).  We then drew landscapes from a collection of photographs that I have.  Then we discussed expressionism.  Expressionist artist focused more on their feelings and how colors expressed emotion rather than painting something realistic. They used bright and unusual colors, bold and simple shapes, and their brush strokes showed a lot of texture in their paintings.  We looked at different artists work and discussed what emotion we thought the colors in each painting might mean.  We also looked at the painting style and we will try to emulate that style in our work. 

After we drew our landscapes, we needed to plan out what types of colors we would use in our work.  I gave each student a "thumbnail sketch" worksheet.  A thumbnail sketch is a smaller version of your work used to plan out what you are doing in your artwork.  Many artists use thumbnail sketches to plan their work.  See photo below

Ava H. painting using her thumbnail sketch

 Once our work was planned out, we were able to start painting.  I placed primary color and white.  I did not put out black only because colors get too muddy when using black.  We learned that mixing a color with white makes the color lighter.  This is called a tint. We also reviewed color mixing with paint.
Here is how our work looks so far:

By Chloe M.

By Charlotte C.

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