Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grade 2-Symmetrical Robot Faces

Grade 2 students at Birch Meadow are learning about mirror symmetry.  We created symmetrical robot faces.  First we folded a piece of paper in half and marked our line of symmetry down the center of the page.  We then drew only half of a robot face.  Next we outlined with  a black oil pastel, pressing down hard to ensure a dark line.  We then folded our paper back in half so that the drawing is covered by its other half.  Last, we took a ruler and rubbed the paper.  When we opened up our work, the drawing had transferred over to the other side, completing the face and making it exactly symmetrical.  we then darkened up the lines with our oil pastel and painted them using watercolor paints.

unfinished work by Emily
Finished work by Lucy

The next step after this would be cutting out the faces and mounting them on colored construction paper. 

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