Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cool Kids, Warm Clothes!!

First Grade students continued their studies about color.  In this lesson, we looked at color families.  We learned that there are three color families...warm, cool and neutral.  Warm colors are reds, yellows, pinks and reds.  Cool colors are blues, purples, and greens.  Neutral colors are browns, greys, whites, and blacks.

In class we talked about what the colors remind us of.  We said that cool colors remind us of cold things like water, grass or the sky.  Warm colors remind us of the sun, summer time, or fire.

Keeping that discussion in mind, we also talked about our favorite outdoor winter activities.  Many students talked about ice skating, building a snowman, snowball fights, or building snow forts.  We took these ideas and applied them to our drawings we made in class.  We drew ourselves doing an outdoor winter activity using cool and neutral colors.  We colored everything in with cool and neutral colors except for our winter clothing.  We saved warm colors for those.  The idea behind the drawing? Cool (cold) kids wearing warm colored clothing to keep them warm.  I of course thought this was very clever and laughed hysterically while my first graders scratched their heads and said they didn't get the joke.  Oh well, anyway, here are some examples of student work.....

ice skating!


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