Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cities by Grade 2

This lesson is about the art element of space.  We learned that artists who work with 3-D (height, width, depth) objects work with actual space and artists who create 2-D (height and width) works need to show the illusion of depth or space in their flat work. 

We talked about the different strategies an artist could use to create the illusion of depth or distance.  One way is to change the size of an object.  Buildings, people and other objects appear smaller as they get further away. 

Another way is by overlapping things in your work.  When objects in a painting or drawing are overlapped, we can feel the space between them.  If you combine the 2 techniques, the the sense of space is even stronger. 

Second Graders at Wood End School and Birch Meadow School both worked on a city.  They each did it differently though.  I was trying to figure out which lesson would be more successful in getting the concept of space across to the students. 

Wood End students created a city collage and the Birch Meadow students created a city drawing using puffy paint to outline and chalk pastels to color in.  The puffy paint created a barrier for the chalk pastels so that  the pastels don't spread and mix too much.  It is similar to the effect of outlining with white glue if any people have ever done that.  Click here to see one of my previous blog posts about that.

Here are some photos:

BMS second graders working with chalk

Partly finished drawing

WES Collage

Mrs. Erb's City Collage Example
I think overall, the drawings of cities were more successful than the collages.  Most children did not like adding a lot of detail with paper.  The concept of space was more clear when drawing out our cities.  In the future, I think I will continue with the city drawings.   

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