Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kiln time!

Here is our kiln at Wood End Elementary School!  It finally arrived today after a little mishap with the company...however, here it is.  We couldn't be happier. 

The purchase of this kiln has been kindly funded by the Reading Education Foundation and the Wood End PTO.  Thank you to all who contributed!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Watercolor Techniques

Mrs. Erb's example

Fourth grade students at BMS and WES will begin to paint their Raewyn Harris paintings using watercolors.  Before we begin painting, we needed to practice some watercolor techniques to apply to our work when we begin.  See original post about our work, here.  We used watercolor paper for this exercise.  We divided our paper into six areas in which to paint. 

First Technique is called a gradient wash.  Start by painting a stripe of paint across your paper.  With the same brush, not rinsed off, dip in the water, wipe excess water off, and paint another stripe touching the last one.  this should result in a lighter wash.  This creates values in a painting (see photo above). 

Second we used the wet on wet technique.  Wet your paper so that it is saturated with water.  Paint on top of the wet paper....see your color spread!

Third we mixed colors on the page.  We wet the paper, just like the wet on wet technique but not as wet.  and we painted with yellow all over the paper.  Wash the brush and paint some blue on top.  Wash the brush again, and paint some red on top and watch your colors mix! 

Picking up paint off of the page was the next technique we learned about.  We painted our paper a color.  We then used a tissue to dab some paint off the page.  This technique is great for painting skies. 

Fifth, we did a wax resist.  We took a white crayon and drew a picture or some lines.  Remember to press down hard with the white crayon.  Then paint over the work.  The white crayon magically appears.  In first grade we called it the "magic crayon".  They remembered this technique from then! 

The last technique was using salt to add texture and the snowflake or salt water look.  We painted our page using a very wet wash.  We then sprinkled a pinch of table salt. As the paint dries, the salt absorbs the paint and leaves behind a white residue that looks like sea spray or snowflakes.  See the photo above. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Name designs- Exploring the Elements of Art

Third graders are reviewing the elements of art.  We reviewed the elements of art during the first part of class.  Second half of the class we began designing a piece of artwork using our names and the elements of art.  We used or will use shape, color, line, texture, value, and space.  form will be difficult because these are 2-Dimensional pieces!  Here are some works in progress:

Koru Spiral Plant Paintings inspired by Raewyn Harris

Fourth graders at Wood End and Birch Meadow are learning about artist Raewyn  Harris from New Zealand and her paintings inspired by the Maori people of New Zealand.  Props to Mrs. Brown-Hemenway Art Teacher in Framingham, MA for this lesson.View the lesson at this link.  Thanks Mrs. Brown for sharing your lessons!

We began by talking about what a "koru" was.  We learned that it is a type of fern and the "koru" is actually the spiral in which a new fern grows in.  The Maori people of New Zealand believe that the spiral is significant because it means the unfolding of new life or a new beginning. 

We also talked about artist Raewyn Harris.  She is an art teacher and artist in New Zealand. She loves the land she lives in and is inspired by the people and the things around her to create art.  Read her bio here

He took all of these things we learned and applied it to creating artwork inspired by "koru" plants, the Maori people, and Raewyn Harris.  Here is what we've come up with so far....

By: Joanna C. (BMS)

By: Gavin P.  (BMS)
We started by drawing in pencil and then we are outlining in India ink.  We then will paint with watercolor.  We are using 90lb. drawing paper cut at 11x16 inches. Before we paint, we will learn about some watercolor techniques, like wet on wet, gradient washes, resist, applying salt, color mixing and learning how to pick up paint with a dry brush.  I'l post when finished!