Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Summer!!!

Hi y'all...Mrs. Erb's Art Page will be on summer vacation....
There may be a post here and there, but not too often as Mrs. Erb has some exciting adventures in Canada, art making on her deck, weddings to attend, and more!

The art room at Wood End is looking a little bare, and next year at Birch Meadow, Music is moving out and inter its own room, which means art will be able to spead out a bit more!!! Look for a new classroom design in the fall and more room to create!

Happy summer, Friends!


Mrs. Erb

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

craft stick houses

As a last minute project, 1st graders at Wood End School made craft stick houses.  I got this again from Kathy Barbro's Art Projects for Kids.  I did change a few elements.  I used tooling foil for the roof tops instead of breaking or cutting up sticks in different sizes.  We drew on them with sharpie and colored them in with crayon.
Check it out:

By Bella B.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Aboriginal Dot Painting

I was inspired by Kathy Barbaro's lesson on her blog Art Projects for Kids.  Second graders and I discussed Australian Aboriginal artwork and symbols and meanings and we focused on their Dot paintings. 

I followed the lesson pretty square on, but did change a few things.  I used 6x9 inch watercolor paper.  I had the kids draw a border around their paper and draw in the border.  I let them use any geometric shape they would like to draw like, circles, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, etc.  I also let them use any type of colored marker (sharpies).  We got as far as adding color.  The last step will be to add watercolor paint over the drawings. 

adding color

adding color

adding color

Adding color

drawing in pencil