Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Dimensional drawing using Light and Shadow

One of my goals this year is to start teaching 5th graders how to draw things 3-D using light and shadow successfully.   In past years, students have struggled because I don't think I was making it easy for them. I found a great resource that I have been using called Hooked on Drawing, by Sandy Brooke (Clicking this link will take you to Amazon).  It has some great easy ways for grades 4 and up to practice drawing technique. 

 What we did at Birch Meadow and will do at Wood End is start with a basic flat circle and turn it in to a sphere just using light and shadow (see my example below). 
Example by Mrs. Erb

All you need to do is figure out where your light source is coming from, and use your charcoal to add the darkest area first, then you smudge and blend it to create your sphere.  Also use your eraser to help with the light spots.  Taking this idea and knowledge, we are applying it to still life drawing.  I bought some pumpkins and gourds and we are using them as our still life.  Birch Meadow is currently working on this and Wood End will begin this project next week  Here are some examples:

5th graders at BMS drawing from a still life

5th grader drawing still life (detail)

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