Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clay Owls-Grade 2

I got this lesson from the blog ArtSmudge-Art for Small Hands.  I had actually pinned this on my Pinterest Board for 3-D art projects...Check that out here if you want to.  Second graders first started with a small ball of clay.  Then we made a small hole like we were going to make a pinch pot.  We then shaped the clay over our thumb and wiggled our thumbs inside of the clay to make the hole a bit bigger.  Then we used clay tools like the plastic modeling tools, toothpicks, paper clips, and marker caps to make textures for our owls.  We also used the pinch and pull  method to make our beaks, feathers and if some one wanted extended wings.  Then when they were finished, we initialed them and let them dry.  Then I fired them in the kiln for the bisque stage.  Once fired we glazed them.  Here are some pictures: 

Clay in the drying stage after building

Bisque Stage (after firing, clay turns white)

Pre-Glaze Fire sitting on kiln shelves

After Glaze Fire.  All shiny and cute! 

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