Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blind contour Self Portraits in 3-D

A few weeks ago, we worked on a blind contour drawing lesson.  Contour drawing is essentially outline drawing, and blind contour drawing means drawing the outline of the subject without looking at the paper. The end result doesn't matter - what is important is carefully observing the subject. This is a perfect drawing exercise to help train the eyes to look at the subject rather than at the paper.  Students were not allowed to look at their paper, and they had to use one continuous line.  For self portraits we used a mirror to look in.  We also did portraits of partners for practice.  We used a paper bag to draw in because it helped the students not look down at their paper.  We ended up taking those blind contour drawings and turning them into 3-D portraits.  Here are some results:

5th graders at WES working on blind contour portraits in their paper bags

example of blind contour portrait (by Mrs. Erb)
student at BMS working on building wire portrait
Finished student work from BMS

finished student work from BMS

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