Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pie in the Sky

I went over to one of my favorite art blogs, Deep Space Sparkle and borrowed this lesson.  The art work is adapted from the book "Pie in the Sky", by Lois Elhert.  Lois Elhert is an author and illustrator of children's books.  The way she illustrates books are by creating collages to create images.  Collage is a form of art that usually uses colorful papers to create an image.  You can also use fabrics, threads, gems, and other materials in collage. 

The project focuses o the way the birds are created. I tried this with Second grade over at Birch Meadow, and Third Grade at Wood End. I wanted to see which grade level responded better to this lesson.

 First we began by painting papers to use in our collage.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the students painting their papers.  If you are afraid of messes, this is not the project for you!  The kids really enjoyed just painting and making their own paper.

The next class we created a background for the birds.  We made branches and leaves on the branches. 

Next, we cut out shapes for our birds.  Patty at Deep Space Sparkle offers PDF booklets of lessons for a very reasonable price.  I did purchase the lesson and used the templates provided in the booklet. 

cutting out bird shapes

cutting out branches for the background. 
 After the birds were cut out, we put them together and added cherries and other details to the background.  Here are some of the results:
gluing bird together
completed bird by Shannon

Completed bird by Hannah

completed collages by (Left) Sean M., (Top Right) Matthew J., and (Bottom Right) Claire F.

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  1. These came out well. I do a similar lesson with 2nd grade and butterfies and tie in Eric Carle.