Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picasso Guitars

I found this lesson pinned on "Pinterest".  It was a link from

I have been teaching the 4th graders at WES and BMS about Value.  We all made value scale using black and white paint to create light medium and dark values. 
TO continue on the value lesson, I wanted to teach them about creating a value scale using color.  However, I have always wanted to teach a lesson about Picasso and cubism.  I didn't want to do portraits because I feel that Picasso portraits are so over done and sometimes, not well.  So I stumbled upon this lesson.

I taught the 4th graders about Cubism and Picasso.  We focused on his guitar series.  We talked about how Picasso liked the guitar because it was a symbol of his Spanish culture and he thought that the shape was so versatile, you could make anything out of it.  We spoke about how Cubism looks like broken glass or like the space has been cut up and then placed back together again.  We then used Ms. Steiger's (the music teacher) guitar to draw from. I hope Ms. Steiger doesn't mind me borrowing her guitar for drawing! We also used photographs to  look at different guitar shapes.  So far, we have only done some painting yet.  When we do paint, we are going to continue studying value, only this time use, black, white, and a color to create tints and shades.

4th graders drawing

Some just divided backgrounds pace

Some students' dividing lines went over sections of the guitar

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