Friday, March 16, 2012

Grade 2 Kachinas

Second Grade students studied Native American tribes at the Wood End School.  They focused on the different regions of Native Americans.  One of the regions was the Southwest.  In Art, we began to study some of the Native American art froms.  One of them was the carving of Kachina dolls.  Kachina Dolls, like the human Kachina dancers, are visual representations of the invisible spirits that assist in the rigors of life. Each Kachina doll represents a spirit in life. Some typical spirits represented by the Hopi in Kachina dolls include: the chief, the corn maiden, the ceremonial dancer, the singer, the ogre, the buffalo, the badger, the crow, the hawk, clouds, the sun, and the rainbow. The dolls are spiritual messengers that bring special blessings. Dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and health, as well as tools for education.

Original Kachina carvings are made from the cottonwood tree.  The Kachinas are carved from the roots. 

In Art, we made our own Kachinas using clothespins.  I found a great book which has some very explicit directions on how to make Kachinas using clothes pins.  The book is called Kachina Dolls with Clothespins by Nacy Bell Anderson and Heather Bell Anderson.  you can buy it on Amazon

We bagan making them using clothes pins and other materials I had in the classroom.  Here are a few examples:

By Olivia T.

By Ryan K.

By Malcolm W.

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  1. very interesting and that the students are studying Native American art.