Monday, January 30, 2012


Grade 5 students at BMS and Wood End studied pointillism. Pointillism was a branch of Impressionism.  Artist Georges Seurat made it famous.  We looked at the paintings called "Sunday Afternoon of the Isle of La Grande Jatte", "The Circus", and "The Eiffel Tower". 

We talked about how Georges Seurat painstakingly painted each of his paintings using dots of color.  He believed if you used variations of the primary colors, then you can make your eyes do the color mixing instead of the colors themselves.

In my art room I have an assortment of magazine pictures of animals and landscapes.  Students chose from these photos and drew in pencil first from the photograph. 
When we added color, we used dots of color with markers. 

Here are some examples of student work:

By Will K.  BMS

By Brenna D.  BMS

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