Wednesday, October 12, 2011


abstract art inspired by Paul Klee
First grade students learned about the art element of line and about artist Paul Klee. First graders focused on straight lines, like vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.  We also looked at the artwork of Paul Klee.  Klee’s artwork is abstract art.  We noticed that Klee used line in his work, particularly in the work Castle and Sun.  In our project, we used vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to create abstract art in the style of Paul Klee.  We started by gluing toothpicks onto 10x10 inch paper.  The next class we used the "magic crayon" or white crayon to draw more lines onto our white paper.  We then painted over our work using water color paint.  Wherever there was white crayon, it showed up when painted over it. 

line variety painting
Our next lesson was on line variety.  We talked about other types of lines besides vertical, diagonal, and horizontal.   We talked about curved, loops, zig-zag, etc.  and created a painting using many different types of line including the lines we talked about previously. We used black paint and 12x12 inch paper.   The next class we painted in any white areas using only primary colors.

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