Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Figures in Action!

partially finished sculptures

Fifth grade students at Wood End School studied figures in action.  We first discussed 3 paintings, The Biglin Brothers Racing by Thomas Eakins, Both Members of this Club by George Bellows, and The Battle of La Hogue by Benjamin West.  We looked at the figures in action and talked about the way the human body moves.  We also compared and contrasted the images, which is part of talking about art. 

Example of gesture drawing by Mrs. Erb
We then talked about gesture drawing.  Gesture drawings are quick studies to capture the essence of the subject.  Students worked with a partner.  One drew, the other modeled, then we switched after about 3-4 minutes of drawing. 

Last week we used our gestures to create a sculpture. We used tinfoil and tape to create the armature or the framework in which the sculpture is built around (the skeleton). 

This week we are in the process of using plaster gauze to cover our armature and prepare it for painting. 

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