Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grade 5 Slab pots

Fifth graders at Wood End and Birch Meadow are working on Slab pottery. 
Here are a few examples of what they have done so far:

by Will S.

By Nick G.

Grade 1 Pinch Pots

First Graders worked on pinch pots...last week we made them, this week we painted them using tempera paint.  I will go over them with some acrylic gloss medium to keep them shiny and keep the paint from chipping. 




Grade 4 Claes Oldenburg Food Sculpture

Fourth grade students are at the beginning stages of creating food sculpture with clay.  We studied Pop Artist Claes Oldenberg.  Here are some photos of some food sculpture....Who's hungry?

Fries and Pizza

Ice cream, bread sticks, cupcake and oreoes

Food variety!