Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grade 2 Still life flowers inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

By Sarah V.

In second grade we studied artist Vincent Van Gogh.  We read the book "Vincent Van Gogh" by Mike Venizia in the "Getting to Know the World's Greates Artists" series by him.  After reading about him, we focused on Van Gogh's sunflower painting. Each table had a still life of flowers (fake from the dollar store!!) in containers.  We talked about how a still life is something that doesn't move or change so it is important to not to touch the set up of flowers.  We drew our still life on blue construction paper and outlined our work using white glue.  After letting the glue dry, we colored in our flowers and containers using chalk pastel.  The glue acts as a resist or a barrier and leaves a visible line.  Our background was colored in with oil pastel. 

By Christopher C.


  1. Great blog! I love the x-ray drawings! If you have time, check out my blog. I'm an elementary art teacher as well. :)

  2. Thanks ArtMuse!

    I took a look...some really cool stuff I might have to borrow from you!!