Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Russian Style Buildings by Grade 1

Work in Progress

By Margaux G.
By Michael H.
By. Dina E.

First graders at Wood End recently finished looking at Russian style buildings.  We looked at photographs of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and looked at all of the different shapes and colors the building has.  We then drew our buildings in the style of the Russina cathedral.  We used pencils to draw and sharpie marker to outline.  For color, we used construction paper crayons, metallic crayons and regular old crayons.   


  1. These are so neat! How did you help the kids notice all the details and figure out how to draw them? Did you do a directed line drawing with them at all? I tried something similar with my 1st graders and they were not so motivated.

  2. When we were looking at the buildings, I asked the kids what they noticed about the buildings and how are they different from buildings that we normally see around our town. We created a brainstorm list and then I did a demonstration on how I would draw my own Russian style buildings. We talked about adding details and patterns in our work. I also left the picture of St. Basil's Cathedral up on my Smartboard/projector so that they can see what types of details to add to their work.