Wednesday, March 30, 2011


begining our work with color

Second graders at Wood End and Birch Meadow studied Mosaics. A mosaic is an image made of of small squares of color traditionally made of stone, tile, or glass. We looked at different mosaics from Ancient Rome and discussed that Mosaics were used to decorate important buildings and homes.  Often times, Mosaics were large scale and used as wall and floor decoration.  We searched through magazines for colors from the color wheel.  We collected six of each color and saved them.  We then drew pictures of ocean animals on black construction paper and outlined them with white crayon.  We used our magazine pieces and cut them up into small squares of color and glued them to our drawing. 

By Lindsay V.


Russian Style Buildings by Grade 1

Work in Progress

By Margaux G.
By Michael H.
By. Dina E.

First graders at Wood End recently finished looking at Russian style buildings.  We looked at photographs of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and looked at all of the different shapes and colors the building has.  We then drew our buildings in the style of the Russina cathedral.  We used pencils to draw and sharpie marker to outline.  For color, we used construction paper crayons, metallic crayons and regular old crayons.   

X-Ray Art by Grade 4

Its been a long time since I've posted something and I am sorry to those of you who have been waiting for me to post my students work!  Its been a hectic month with getting ready for the annual Arts Fest at the high school and our spring open house less than a month later...and two schools may I add! but here is what's happening.

work in progress by Jack C. WE student
Fourth graders at Wood End and Birch Meadow have been studying Aboriginal Australian "X-Ray" art.  This type of art is created by the indigenous people of Australia.  These are called "Dreamtime" paintings.  Dreamtime is the creation story of the Native Australian.  Dreamtime is life.  Dreamings are beings that can be plants animals or human forms in the artwork.  Traditionally these paintings are done on bark.  We are working in the X-Ray style which not only shows the exterior of our dreamings, but also the interior.  Its like we are seeing things with x-ray vision! So far we have drawn our subject which is an Australian animal, along with Dreamtime symbols in our background.  We are in the process of outlining our work with white paint.  Our next step will be to add oil pastel in earth tone colors.