Friday, January 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs by Gr. 2

Daddy Hex
Second graders at the Birch Meadow and Wood End Elementary Schools studied the folk art of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  When German settlers came to the United States and moved to farm lands in Pennsylvania during the 1700’s, they brought back the hex sign traditions of the Old Country.  Many farmers painted hex signs on their barns and homes for good luck, good fortune, love, wealth, or as a welcome sign to their home or land.  Second graders learned about rotational symmetry.  Rotational symmetry is when things are symmetrical going around in a circle. No matter which way the design or picture turns, the work will still be the same.  Second graders used motifs like geometric and organic shape in their work.  They were inspired by traditional hex designs of the Pennsylvania Dutch. 

student hex sign detail

display at BMS of Hex signs


  1. This is also a really great lesson! I love teaching anything with symmetry and this is a great time-in to folk art traditions.

  2. I did this lesson several years ago with my 4th graders. They loved it. We used watercolor, tempera, marker...and learned all about the symbols & color meanings.

  3. Thanks Mr. E! I adapted one of your lessons for another grade 2 project I did. It was the pattern rainforest lesson you did... Ithought it was so cool so I used it to teach patterns to grade 2 and they came out great! Thanks!