Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Metal Repousse by Grade 4

Fourth grade students at Wood End studied the art of Repousse.  It is the technique of decorating the surface of metal by using tools to raise or indent it.  Repousse is the French word meaning “to push”.  You could find repousse on everyday objects such as tin ceilings, metal frames, or sculpture. 
Fourth graders also looked at letter design and fonts.  Each student designed a letter (their first initial of their first name or last name) and applied it to their piece of tooling foil. 

I used two-tone, 38 gauge tooling foil.  You can purchase it here from Blick Art Materials.  I cut the foil into 6 x 6 inch squares just using my paper cutter.  The great thing about using your paper cutter is its easy to cut the foil and it sharpens your blade at the same time. 

The kids designed their letters on 6 x 6 inch drawing paper. They then used felt as a cushion, then they placed the foil on top of the felt, taped it on the felt, then placed their design on top of their foil and taped it on top.  They used ball point pens to trace over their design.  The design was then embossed into the foil. 

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