Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grade 4 and 5: Still life drawing

In grade 4 at WES and BMS, we talked about still life drawing.  A still life is a series of inanimate objects such as cups, bowls or fruit, placed in a way that the artist sees fit.  We looked at still life paintings by Paul Cezanne.  I referenced Cezanne because many of the children recognize his work as something they may have seen before.  When Cezanne would paint or draw a still life, he would consider the objects as basic forms like cylinders, cones and spheres.  He would use these shapes to guide him through his painting. 
Fourth graders used this knowledge and the skills picked up in the previous lesson (shapes with cast shadow) to help them through their work.  They started with basic shapes and then they added any details and shading. 

BMS 4th grader drawing

By Meghan G. Gr. 4 WES


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