Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grade 1 - Lesson on Line and Artist Paul Klee

first grade BMS student working
 First graders have been focusing on the art element of line for their first unit.  We began by discussing artist Paul Klee.   Paul Klee's works Castle and Sun, Red Balloon, and Head of Man were discussed in class.  We noticed that Paul Klee uses lots of line in his work.  We looked at three specific lines : vertical, horizontal and diagonal for this lesson.  We learned that vertical lines stand straight up like a soldier; horizontal lines lay down like they are taking a nap, and diagonal lines look like they are a vertical line tipping over.  This lesson helps us identify these three types of line by name.  We then found these lines present in Paul Klee's work.  We also talked about how Klee's work is Abstract Art.  We talked about what abstract art is (click on the link if you're unsure yourself). 
For our art project, we used horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to create an abstract artwork in the style of Paul Klee.  We used 9"x9" piece of paper, glue and toothpicks for this project.  Our goal was to fill our paper with the lines we discussed.  The toothpicks represented the lines we had spoken about.  We had to let the work dry until the next class.

Finished work by Charlotte C. Gr. 1 WES

The next class, we took some white crayon and outlined our toothpicks to create a crayon resist.  The paint shouldn't stick to the crayon and should show up on finished work.  Some of us had trouble getting the crayon to show up (at WES).  At BMS, I used white oil pastel and that seemed to work better than the crayon. After we added the white, we then painted over the work using tempera cake paints.  They work similar to watercolor paint, but they are more opaque because it is tempera paint.   The results are stunning! Look for displays in the front entrance of BMS and in the lobby by the gymnasium at WES. 

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