Friday, September 24, 2010

What do I do now?

"Mrs. Erb, I'm done....What do I do now?"

Students often ask, "What do I do now?" when they are finished with a project.  I usually have lots of different activities for students to work on. 

 Puzzles/ Color Cubes/ Mosaica:  If students don't want the option of "Free Draw"( See below), then there are puzzles available.  I have a selection of small jig-saw puzzles and a few new additions to my puzzle collection.  We have Mosaica and Color Cubes which are magnetic puzzles that create designs (I purchased mine through  I also have NASCO's Mystery Masterpiece Puzzlebook. Each reproducible puzzle is presented in jumbled squares that are numbered. Depending on their skill level, students can either reproduce each square in the appropriate place on the blank puzzle grid by drawing freehand or they may cut and paste the pieces.
Free Draw/Drawing Bucket/Drawing Books

selection of drawing books

Depending on the time left in class or what the project was, students often get a chioce of free draw activities.  Students have the choice to draw thier own picture.  If they don't have any ideas of what to draw, there is the drawing bucket.  In the drawing bucket there are several ideas for students to choose from ( the drawing bucket is in the works for Birch Meadow...some of the slips got lost during the summer!).  Just reach in and pull out a random idea.  The kids go wild over it.  There are also several learn to draw books on my bookshelf.  Kids have the option of using these during projects and also during their free choice time.  I have many selections by Doug DuBosque, Ed Emberly, and Lee J. Ames (Books are available in your local bookstore, library or               

the drawing bucket!

Roylco Straws and Connectors/K'Nex:  

Roylco Straws and Connectors

Students also have the choice of using the straws and connectors and K'Nex. These channel the inner architect in your child to build and create buildings, vehicles, and shapes.  These two are the most popular free choice activities.

 Sketchbook Assignments: 
Classes that have sketchbooks ( grades 3, 4 and 5) are given sketchbook assignments.  This is important because it gives the student time to reflect upon the project we worked on.  I usually give sketchbook assignments that have a connection to the art activity we had completed.     


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