Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the new school year and welcome to my blog!  This year I plan to use this blog a s a way to communicate what is going on in the art classroom at both Wood End Elementary School and Birch Meadow Elementary School.  I think this will be an easier alternative to Edline.  I hope to post pictures and lessons of the work your children produce this school year! I hope to accomplish this as a weekly blog. Please keep me bookmarked in your favorites and check back often. 

About the art program at WES and BMS:

The Visual Arts program at the elementary level provides students with the foundation to begin their arts learning. At the elementary level students begin to experiment with a variety of art materials, processes, and media. Creative expression and hands-on experience is at the heart of their instruction. Students will have the opportunity to integrate art with other areas of the curriculum helping to facilitate a greater understanding of the important role that art plays in our daily lives. The art curriculum is a sequential comprehensive education that helps in developing healthy minds and spirits of students. The elementary art curriculum focuses on the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks. It strives to enable our students to:

· Apply both imagination and rational thinking to the making of art

· Learn and use vocabulary related to methods, materials, and techniques

· Understand the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work

· Understand how world cultures have been historically influenced and shaped by the arts

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